Egg Frittata ~ 1/2 ezekiel english muffin, served with an egg round, turkey bacon and spicy sauce

Avocado Toast ~ ezekiel bread, served with a hard boiled egg and avocado cream

Steel Cut Oats steel cut oats cooked with almond milk and seasoned with maple and protein powder topped with pecans, dried apricots and cherries

Tropical Muesli ~ a mix of 3 grains, real dried fruit, nuts and seeds soaked overnight in almond milk and protein powder - can be eaten cold or hot

Waffle of the Day ~ no added sugar, fat or white flour - gluten free and delicious - none of the guilt of a waffle but all the pleasure!

Muffin of the Day ~ no added sugar, fat or white flour - gluten free and delicious - none of the guilt of a muffin but all the pleasure!

Snickers or Fruit Yogurt Bowl  ~ Non-fat greek yogurt chock-full of protein - a perfectly balanced breakfast - a phenomenally delicious way to start the day 


Taco Quinoa Bowl  ~ ground turkey, quinoa, black beans, corn and roasted peppers top romain lettuce served with tomatoes, guacamole and cilantro cream

Brussels Quinoa Bowl ~ shaven brussels and carrots sauteed with red and white quinoa, craisons and pecans

Chicken Salad over Greens ~ Non-fat greek yogurt dresses this delicious chicken salad with poached chicken, celery, craisons and almonds over greens

Quinoa Chop Suey ~ quinoa, ground turkey/chicken and sauce with spices make this simple dish an absolute favorite

Taco Quinoa Chop Suey ~ quinoa, ground turkey/chicken, sautéed peppers, black beans, corn and salsa with mexican spices - a family crowd pleaser

Asian Noodles  ~ bean-thread noodles, red and green cabbage and chicken dressed in a soy, sesame oil and dijon.

Egg Roll in a Bowl  ~ sweet ground turkey, sautéed green and red cabbage, and  sautéed onions and shredded carrots dressed in a soy, sesame oil and honey.

Zoodles and Bolognese ~ zucchini pasta with our elevate sauce and ground turkey and chicken.

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