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Investigating Coffee (Part 1)

Yes, we do say stay clear of coffee when on our cleanse program, but for sustainable living a cup of Joe every once in a while may not be all bad (anyone who has been around Carrie knows she has a strong affinity towards a freshly brewed cup).

We know its very hard for many of you to quit the liquid black gold during our program, but there are is a good reason why. Primarily the motivation for making you suffer through a week without coffee is hydration. Many of us drink it because it has caffeine, which acts as a diuretic and forces the body to expel water.

Start a good habit of waiting until you pee clear 2-3 times before you drink a caffeinated beverage.

Think of your body as a swimming pool. When you drink coffee you unplug a drain at the bottom of the pool. As you drink water all day to fill your pool, the water unfortunately empties through the open drain. Many of us think we are hydrating, but in reality water is not being absorbed like it should be in the large intestine because our body has been told to expel it through urine. This is the exact reason you are running to the bathroom frequently after drinking caffeinated coffee.

Our goal on the cleanse is to hydrate your cells. Life thrives in the presence of water. There’s a reason the rainforest is flourishing with life. Give your body a “green house” like environment and keep it happy by keeping it hydrated. Most cells all throughout your body need water to survive. A cell with limited water will be stressed and not function to its best ability.

Dehydration inhibits athletic performance, mental clarity, and digestion, along with many other functions of the body. Stressors on your system are easy to come by. Make this simple change and take one off the list.

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