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Peanutbutter vs. Sunbutter vs. Almond Butter

Peanuts vs. Sunflower seeds vs. Almonds

Pretty much same fat content, fiber, protein and sugars (almost none).

So lets dig a little deeper…

As a general rule the almond is considered to be the ultimate nut based on its high nutrient density (more than peanuts). Almonds have 3x as much vitamin E, which is essential for nerve function, prevents oxidation in the body, keeps the integrity of healthy fatty acids in the body (nicer skin and hair) and prevents clotting in the blood stream (prevents stroke & heart disease).

Sunflower seeds are very nutrient dense as well and offer a very high nutrient density similar to almonds although slightly less.


Peanuts are an acidic food with a pH of less than 7. Almonds and sunflower seeds are alkaline foods with a pH greater than 7. In the US most people have a highly acidic diet, so foods that can help bring the acidity in our bodies closer to neutral can be very beneficial. Having high acidity in the body can lead to various health problems and increased risk of disease.

If we had to rank them the two major factors would center around nutrient density and pH level.

Almond and Sun butter would be tied for first and peanut butter would come second.

However Variation is Crucial. Thats why we use all 3.

As always we use as much variation as possible. Foods compliment each other in ways science has only begin to uncover. Mixing up the healthiest foods on a daily basis is a major key and often underestimated.

With so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids from proteins, healthy fats, and fibers (soluble and non soluble), we must ingest a wide variety of foods to ensure we are getting a balanced amount with many combinations of nutrients. This will give your body the best chance for ideally functioning in a stress free environment. Don't limit yourself by eating the same foods every day!

For example

Everyone knows not enough of a vitamin may lead to improper function in the body,

however we rarely think that too much of a vitamin can lead to toxicity in the body

As always don’t go overboard with these foods. A cup of one can be over 1500 kcal. Use in small amounts and still get plenty of the nutrients your body craves.

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