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Personal Training


“Make your goals become achievements.”

You will not find any other place that is more committed to their clients or their client’s goals
than Elevate. We are relentlessly committed and have a proven track record in working with each and every one of our members to achieve their goals and become the person they want to be. Our well-educated certified trainers have the experience, knowledge, and energy to make a real difference and be game changers.

Our wide range of clients has ranged from:

  • Extreme weight loss of over 100 pounds

  • Collegiate Professional Athletes

  • Youth athletic development and Running Gate Corrections

  • Post Physical Therapy (including major tendon or ligament damage such as ACL tear)

  • Runners/Tri-athletes

  • Injury’s and ailments (sciatica, low back pain, runner’s knee, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis)

  • Stoke patients learning to walk again

  • Anti-aging with balance/coordination with the elderly


Small group personal training is also available. Gather friends to work out, share costs and push each other to achieve goals while still receiving attentive guidance from a certified personal trainer.




Carrie Couto

                phone: 781-585-5093


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