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Fresh Meals
 Smoothie Bar
Meal Prep


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Meal Prep


Whether you are an avid gym goer, a Crossfit junkie, or are looking for weight loss, we can answer your meal prep needs. Call for details 781-585-5093.

Stop in and Eat Healthy 


Each day we create delicious, healthy foods from flavorful recipes. We use only the best ingredients for  for our snacks and meals and anyone can purchase them! Drop by our Kingston location and enjoy our one of our 'healthy take out' options or smoothies.

The Smoothie Bar

When it comes to smoothies and protein shakes, they are the newest fad to hit nutrition and weight loss clients. Navigating and understanding what is truly beneficial for the body when dealing with these potentially high-sugared caloric drinks can be difficult. Elevate always puts their client’s best health interests in the forefront and is committed to only providing what improves overall well-being.

Healthy foods containing natural occurring sugars, like fruits, should be eaten to help recovery and increase performance. However, if a person’s goal is heavily based on losing weight, they should restrict replenishing sugars and have a higher protein based shake.




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