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Gourmet Healthy Clean Eating

Delivered to Your Door

Cape Cod Cleanse

Cape Cod Cleanse


Digestive wellness

Healthy Eating / Meal Planning

Nutrients and Antioxidants

Proper Nutrition

Portion Control

The Cape Cod Cleanse
"for food lover's"

How it works


The Cape Cod Cleanse is a 5 day program that incorporates 3 healthy well-balanced meals and 2 snacks per day. Our always changing "food cleanse" replenishes the body with a wide variety of whole foods portioned perfectly and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. We balance healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins without eliminating any major food group. Clients “sign-on” to follow our plan and a few basic rules that include drinking water and no caffeine or alcohol for best results. The Cape Cod Cleanse supplies your body with the correct amount of nutrients, and the results are irrefutable - a healthier, happier more mindful self. Whether your goal is to lose weight or correct unhealthy eating habbits, our cleanse is for you. 

Why it works for so many


This is not a diet - we help you make changes in your lifestyle you can live with and enjoy for the rest of your life. Eating wholesome foods that are healthy, well-balanced and varied helps you stay the course and attain your goals. And you don’t do this alone - we help you along the way with inspirational emails, messages and daily insights. Get it delivered right to your door or pick it up at Elevate! Either way, getting healthy doesn’t get any easier. 


Delivery and Pick up


To keep our product as fresh as possible we prepare all meals daily for the next day's consumption. Pick up times for the Cleanse are Sunday 3-5pm and Mon-Thurs 4-7pm. Delivery will be Sunday 2-6pm and Mon-Thurs 3-8pm. (Please leave a cooler if you will not be home. )

The cost (plus tax) for delivery for the week is  :

  $        Miles from ELEVATE

$25  <10 miles

$30  <20 miles

$35   25+ miles (Quincy, Canton, Dedham) 

$40   30+ miles and Boston

Not sure? Call us 781-585-5093

The Different Portion Cleanses & Cost


We offer 3 different portions to better fit your needs. To find out which one fits you best CLICK HERE. For some that may need an increased amount of calories throughout the week we offer the 'athletic portion' cleanse. We recommend this for anyone who works out rigorously 6-7 days a week or who has substantial muscle mass. We also offer 5 extra protein powder containers for $10 which will add 100-300kcal per day for those who are highly active. For those who would like an extreme decreased portion we offer the Low Calorie portion. Our most popular option is the Original Portion which many find is the perfect balance to lose weight and decreased bloating. 

The COST for the different portions:

Original - $145+tax

LoCal -  $135+tax

Athletic - $170+tax


Dinners for the spouse/kids?


Have Elevate include dinner for your family during your cleanse week. Make it even easier to stay on track by having all the cooking done each night, and feed your loved ones a wholesome delicious healthy meal.   


After cleansing 


We offer meals and snacks to go on a more al a carte basis. Choose from your favorites, stocked fresh daily at our Kingston location. We offer either portioned meals to go or by pound for family consumption. Don’t see your favorites stocked in the fridge for the week? Just order anything you want and we will have it ready for you within 24 hours for pick up or delivery. It’s a great way to stay the course during off-cleanse weeks! 


For any other questions see our FAQ


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