November 8, 2017

There are 3 generalized body types (somatotypes) you may have heard of.




The idea of having a specific body type was documented by William Herbert Sheldon, a psychologist in the 1940’s. Although his psychological theories were highly criticized, many fitness and nutrition professionals have adopted the somatotype theory in their practice (1).  Although many of us are a combination of these body types, you may find yourself leaning towards one of the three. 

Ectomorph -  Thin and lengthy build. Has difficulty putting on muscle and fat. Small joints. Has difficulty gaining weight. Narrow hips and shoulders. Maintains weight easily

Mesomorph – Muscular build. Gains and loses weight easily.  Narrow waist and wider shoulders.  Builds muscle easily.

Endomorph – Round build. Has difficulty losing excess fat. Wide hips/waist. Thicker joints. Gains weight easily.

There is no question that people respond to certain training stimulus differently, bu...

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