The Power of Belief

Last week, I started my full-out, no-holds-barred commitment to getting back in shape and losing the 10 pounds I had gained since my accident. With the accident 2 months ago, I had been unable to work out and with that came a downward spiral of eating more. I am just beginning to work out again now and with that my healthy food choices come easier. By staying true to the cleanse I was able to drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I decided I was done with the steady incline of the scale and took control. The power that making up your mind brings is endless. What you believe in, will happen. The amazing power your belief and mind have over a situation, outcome, or overall life is fascinating. Point

Investigating Coffee (Part 1)

Yes, we do say stay clear of coffee when on our cleanse program, but for sustainable living a cup of Joe every once in a while may not be all bad (anyone who has been around Carrie knows she has a strong affinity towards a freshly brewed cup). We know its very hard for many of you to quit the liquid black gold during our program, but there are is a good reason why. Primarily the motivation for making you suffer through a week without coffee is hydration. Many of us drink it because it has caffeine, which acts as a diuretic and forces the body to expel water. Start a good habit of waiting until you pee clear 2-3 times before you drink a caffeinated beverage. Think of your body as a swimming

Cutting Calories

Although healthy food choices are a key to healthy living, it’s also important to eat the correct portion of food. Pounds appear easier and easier with each year we age. Cutting calories is one easy way to stop weight gain. Eating an extra 100 calories a day than you burn can cause you to gain 10 pounds a year, (which is so easy to do - add a small cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with cream and sugar and at 120 calories - you just added that 10 pounds) whereas eating 100 calories less than usual may result in a loss of 10 pounds. Although the cleanse helps you cut those calories and still enjoy eating on cleanse weeks - this blog centers on tips to reduce calories on off cleanse weeks. D

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