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All her life, Carrie struggled with her weight and in October of 2011, she started her weight loss journey. She hit 280 pounds on the scale and knew something had to be done. She was a health ticking time bomb, couldn’t even walk up the stairs without becoming out of breath and knew she didn’t want to be that person. Being the mother of 4, she always put everyone in front of herself. When her youngest child started school, she knew it was time to get her life back on track. She changed everything, committed fully and started eating right, exercising with Andy, a phenomenal personal trainer, and taking care of herself. She lost 135 pounds in 18 months and she continue to keep it off. She feels so much better, is happier and healthier and is able to do things that she had never dreamed she could do with her kids.

Due to their success, Andy and Carrie began ELEVATE right out of Carrie's house, where they combined an exercise regime and healthy eating that truly delivered amazing results. After having such great success out of the home, they moved ELEVATE to an actual store front, where ELEVATE continues to center on the health of the entire being rather than just focusing on fitness or food. Understanding the importance and necessity of having both exercise and the right foods to be successful in gaining true overall health, ELEVATE offers a mindless, full-proof way to a healthier way of life. They have helped countless of women and men lose over 3000 pounds collectively and attain their health goals. So now it’s your time! Don't wait! Join the journey NOW!

Always struggling with my weight, I understood the desperation and desire to change. With the help of Andy, I changed my life drastically and became the person I wanted to be and now count myself very fortunate that I am allowed to help others do the same. Always being passionate about food, I now use my cooking talents for good vs. evil by helping others stay on track and achieve their health goals.


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