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Some research shows that it takes 21 DAYS to develop  a new habit.  Whether it’s true or not - we decided to run with it and kick off a 21 day challenge before the holiday crazy to help you get and stay on track.  Only a short 3 weeks to create a healthier you is an easy “YES! Sign me up!”   This challenge is 3 weeks of journalling food intake and exercise and measuring weight and size losses and fitness gains.  Each participant will receive a binder that includes the specialized Habit journals, 21 days of exercise routines (if you can’t make an ELEVATE class), goal grid and measurement log and the ability to sign up for 2 weeks of cleanses and 21 days of fitness classes at a discounted rate. Weekly weigh-ins and fitness tests will occur to monitor results.  Results are completely private and will not be posted or shared.


Sign up 3 ways  

1.   Just the 21 Day Habit Challenge - $35.00 (all participants will receive an ELEVATE t-shirt)


2.   21 Day Habit Challenge and 2 Cleanses (without delivery) - $300 ($25 savings)


3.   21 Day Habit Challenge, 2 Cleanses(no delivery) and 21 days of Fitness classes - $350 ($75 savings)


WINNERS will be deemed by greatest percentage of weight loss and greatest percentage gains in fitness.  


Weight Loss 

1st Prize - $100 ELEVATE Cash, $100 American Express Gift Card

2nd Prize - $50 ELEVATE Cash, $50 American Express Gift Card


Greatest Gains in Fitness 

1st Prize - $100 ELEVATE Cash, $100 American Express Gift Card, ELEVATE Basket

2nd Prize - $50 ELEVATE Cash, $50 American Express Gift Card, 

21 days of fitness and health means exactly that.  There is no mailing it in for the next 21 days.  Sometimes you may have to squeeze your 24 minutes of fitness in to your crazy schedule - you must make the most of your time and work with purpose.  Staying committed to your workout means holding yourself accountable and absolutely staying focused by putting your phone away, pushing away distractions and concentrating on bettering yourself for those minutes.

21 Day Habit Challenge 

starts Oct. 17th

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